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Almost everyone enjoys taking photographs but if you want to develop your skills and take more satisfying photographs, joining a camera club is an excellent step. Among other advantages, the club environment provides the opportunity for sharing with people who have the same interest.

Before joining a photography club you should ask yourself the reason why you are joining – do you have a competitive spirit or do you prefer to socialise and take things leisurely.  This will determine what type of club you should join.

Common activities at photography clubs include regular meetings, guest speaker nights, workshops, competitions, club outings and field trips.  Other elements to look for are:

  • location – a photography club located near the area you reside or work

  • passion for photography – a good photography club is one that exemplifies love and passion for the art. Before committing yourself to a club, visit several to determine which is most suitable for your needs.

  • experience and learning – whether you choose to go with a competitive or non-competitive club, check that sharing of experiences and learning is strongly encouraged and practised including the opportunity of exhibiting your own work.

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